Analysis Of Santiago's Journey To The Pyramids

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Funny how at the end of the race that last few steps are the hardest, not looking left or right but knowing what you want is right in front of you. The decision to keep going is all up to you and whether you win or lose you know that you 've made it thus far everything you went through was for a reason. As soon as it 's over it will all add up despite all of the obstacles and there were a lot of them, if you keep going in a few more steps you will win the race this is how Santiago must have felt while he was on his journey to the pyramids. With all of the obstacles Santiago 's went through he could have gave up a long time ago however every step of the way he had to remind himself of what he wanted to accomplish there where so many obstacles …show more content…
One setback was when Santiago found himself with no money and no food so he had to clean the merchants windows for food this to me was a very big set back because if Santiago was wise he would have saved his money for when he really needed it most of his mistake were really foolish in my opinion but the reason why this mistake sticks out to me was because he wasted so much time in the store granted This has to happen but I feel like if he had left he might have saved so much time but on the other hand he needed this time to grow and mature as a man. “"I can clean up those glasses in the window, if you want," said the boy. "The way they look now; nobody is going to want to buy them." The man looked at him without responding. "In exchange, you could give me something to eat.”“ Thankfully the merchant did not turn him away He let Santiago stay and surprisingly they became very good friend. Giving each other advice and a helping hand when needed Santiago even help the merchant increase income by selling tea in the glasses he sold, and the merchant motivated Santiago to chase his dreams after telling him about his own. Later on Santiago did leave to find the pyramids on his way there he met the Alchemist and they ran into some dangerous people and because Santiago and the Alchemist were on their territory they felt like they needed to prove themselves to them so they gave them three days so Santiago could show them his power of alchemy. Reason why I say this was a bit of a setback was because it kind of was, they should have let Santiago go to where he was go it was obvious that he meant no harm but they want to get a kick out of it. "I want to see him do it," said the chief.

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