Analysis Of Rooftops Of Tehran By Mahbod Seraji Essay

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Friends and family are the true foundation of happiness. In the summer of the middle east to keep cool people sleep on the Rooftops, This is an important detail because that is Pashas safe place that where he goes to think. Pasha in the story Rooftops of Tehran shows how love, family and friendship are all important things to value in life. In the novel Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji a seventeen year old boy named Pasha gets to know the love of his life, Zari, has many great adventures with his best friend and learns many new things from his family.
A loving relationship not perseveres in those feel-good moments but also pick up support and deeper through life’s difficulties. “The plans to make her wonder if you love her. Nothing makes a woman more curious than the suspicion that she 's loved by someone. She’ll do anything to confirm it now, you 'll see. She’ll go out of her way to find out if you really do.” (Serji 65) This quote is key because it’s the start of when Zari starts thinking of Pasha in a more romantic way. When you tell someone they cannot know something of course they are going to want to find out. Using this strategy he made Zari more attracted to him and clued her in that he might like her. Pasha has been in love with Zari practically since the first day he laid eyes on her. She is starting to feel the same way in return. “ Now you see why you have to leave. I can 't be with you, and I can 't go back.” (Serji 343) This quote is important because it…

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