Analysis Of ' Remember The Titans ' Essay

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‘Remember the Titans’ is about racial discrimination in a school environment, it is about a mixed race football team having to learn how to work together as a team and learn respect for each other. While ‘A Saudi Woman Dared to Drive’ by Al-Sharif is about sexual discrimination, the culture of Saudi Arabia is so used to women not driving. Women are being arrested for taking the wheel even though it is not against the law for them to drive. Both texts show how bias options are shown and can be overcome, however, ‘Remember the Titans’ shows it in a third person view of the teams story.‘A Saudi Woman Who Dared to Drive’ told by Al-Sharif shows a first person view of her story. In both texts, Bias themes from society are shown in recount form. A bias opinion is when one person or group judges another individual or group because it benefits them, or that’s what they believe.
Bias opinions are all over the world, in every culture. In the film ‘Remember the Titans’ the white students think the black students are bad people even though they have never met or spoken to them the black students think the same of the white people. The groups forced each other into physical and verbal arguments without even knowing the people they were fighting. In contrast, Al-Sharif is surrounded by the bias opinions of men that women are not allowed to drive. Women were being arrested for driving even though it was not against the law to drive. The bias opinions are counted as a theme because they are…

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