Real Women Have Curves Research Paper

Patricia Cardoso was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She is a director, known for Real Women Have Curves. Real Women Have Curves was released on October 18, 2002. Ana Garcia is a young lady who lives in a Latino community of East Los Angeles with her parents, her sister Estela and grandfather. She is a first generation Mexican-American teenager with an appetite for life, love and ideas but not everyone appreciates where is taking her. Ana is determined to prove that real women have flaws, take chances, know their hearts, embrace life and have curves.
Ana graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Her teacher Mr. Guzman encourage Ana to apply for college. Because of the hegemony of Ana’s mother, she founded difficult to apply for college. Ana 's mother
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Both of her parents had AIDS. Liz rarely went to school. In one occasion she went to school only three times in one month. Liz got bullied at school because she never showered and itched from lice. Liz had a teacher who once told her, “You are way too smart to not be in here”. The teacher donated clothes to her. Liz’s mother never went to school and her dad seemed to be very smart. Her mother was too sick and her father could not take care of her. She became homeless. Liz had her grandpa. However, before her mother died she once told her he was not a nice person. Grandpa raped her mother and her aunt. “You will end up trash, just like your parents” said grandpa. Liz was tired of stealing for food, she wanted a better lifestyle. When her mother died she was buried in section 51, a New York charity plot. Her mother did not had an appropriate casket neither a priest. Liz’s mother was treated as an objectification. The author did this to emphasize how important it is for Liz to get out of the lifestyle she is living in. Her mother’s dead was a slap in the face. “I’m smart, I know I can succeed” said Liz. She was 16 years old with an 8th grade education. She went to look for her dad to help her sign up for school. Liz’s father told her to stay in school. He wanted his daughter to be a successful woman and not screw this up the same way he did. Liz had a friend named Chris. Chris once told her,

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