Analysis Of ' Princess Bella ' The Bunny ' Essay

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Princess Bella the Bunny was born 20 years ago in a beautiful cave that looked like a castle. As just an infant, she was kidnapped by the malicious king of the monkeys, Marty. Bella has long, luscious, white fur that had magical healing powers. Harry the Hare and Tony the Tortoise have been at a standstill. They both want to save Bella, but for two different reasons. Harry has a fascination with the majestic princess and her fur. Tony in love with her and is intrigued by her beauty. They both want to recuse her, but for different reasons.
“When will someone save me?” Today is the day, August 20, 1997, Tony and Harry are going to race to save Princess Bella. To get to the mysterious and magical cave, they have to race through the forest of magic to reach their destination. Tony is making his way to the starting line with Harry taunting him. “What is taking you so long Tony? Saving your speed for the race?” Rolling his eyes, Tony advances slower than before and finally reached Harry. As the two competitors got ready, the announcer begins his speech, “You guys know the drill, you will race through the forest, stop at each pit stop, complete each task along the way, and whoever reaches the beloved Princess Bella first will be the one worthy of her love. Get ready, get set, GO!”
The two of them being, Harry racing off, Tony going slow and steady. Harry reached his first check point. At the first check point the two of them have to jump over a log. Harry does it with ease. As…

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