Analysis Of Persuasion By Jane Austen

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The Balance of Marriage
Get more vocab words and look at transitions sheet. Tone. Croft light and airy chamber harsh judging.
Persuasion is a story about the different kinds of love and marriage. The most common type of marriage is the one where two people are pushed together to create an alliance between families. The rare kind of marriage is when two people feel a strong connection get married despite what others think. In Persuasion, Jane Austen demonstrates that a balanced marriage is a partnership and each person will help the other grow and improve their qualities through the use of free indirect discourse and tone.
Austen uses the marriage of Charles and Mary Musgrove to show how an unbalanced marriage will lead to misery on both
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Though the uses of free indirect discourse the reader can see that Anne and Wentworth are a lot like the Crofts, which helps the reader see how Anne and Wentworth balance each other out. In the beginning Wentworth "never even believed himself to see her equal" (226) which temporarily failed their relationship because in order to have a balanced relationship he must think that both people are equal. It was when he was in Lyme with the Musgrove’s and Anne that he truly began to understand who he was as a person. He soon realizes that she is his equal, she just has different qualities than him. Another thing that hindered their relationship is Anne. In the beginning of the book Anne was the girl no one talked about or even really cared about. She was also very persuadable and she was often controlled by her family and Lady Russell, but as the story continued Anne began to change. One of the most noticeable transitions is when Anne realizes that she could have been persuaded by Lady Russell to marry a violent and money-seeking man. It was at that moment that Anne decided “it was very desirable that Lady Russell should be no longer deceived” (198), and was able to form her own thoughts and opinion without being persuaded by her mentor or family. It was then that she was able to pick the one she knew was right for her. Only when …show more content…
She also writes about the importance of a successful marriage being a balance of qualities. Anne and Wentworth may have opposite qualities, but they balanced each other and over time Austen believes that they will learn from each other and form new qualities from the other person. Austen’s use of Mary and Charles is to show the read what an unhealthy marriage looks like. One that is full of ignoring each other and doing what the other person doesn’t like just to spite them. In contrast Austen uses Admiral and Mrs. Croft as an example of the perfectly balanced marriage where they have a balance of qualities that leads to understanding what the other person

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