Analysis Of Paul 's ' The Free Gift Of Righteousness ' Essay

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As Apostle Paul is writing an exhortation to the Romans, his main objective is to restore the biblical foundations of the faith and establish the love of Christ that has imparted to all believers. Following what Paul has already laid clear, I would teach the book of Romans by hitting the main themes that Paul argues: the free gift of righteousness, by the love of grace, flowing through work of Christ, giving all men an escape from the reign of sin into the reign of grace, which gives men the power of grace to walk out a life of righteousness in union with Christ. As Paul begins his letter to the Romans, he first lays the foundation of his exhortation: the obedience to the gospel, the gospel of god’s free acceptance and the doctrine of the wrath of God. In regards to the first main theme of obedience, Paul states that obedience to the gospel is wrapped around his identity in being a bondservant of Christ. That from the place of intimacy with the Lord, Paul has found his security tied to the very person of Jesus. And, from that place of belonging, his manner of living has been changed. It is now based on the full confidence of the finished work of Christ, which leads Paul into introducing the gospel of God’s free acceptance (2 Corinthians 5:19). As men are all subject to God’s wrath, due to our fallen humanity, there is much joy that can be found in the gospel. The gospel clearly shows fallen humanity that salvation and righteousness is all about the work of Christ. Mankind…

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