Analysis Of ' Paranoid Park ' Essay

1432 Words Dec 10th, 2016 6 Pages
When watching, Gus Van Sant’s “Paranoid Park” viewers are introduced to a male character name Alex who is struggling to find positive influences during his journey of adolescence. The main character is face with numerous pubescent issues such as peer pressure, sexuality, alcohol abuse, authoritative figures and maturity. The movie displays difficulties, that most young men will encounter at some point of their lives through using stylistic elements. When watching the movie, the narrative is told from the perspective of a specific type of community- those who skateboard. Nevertheless, the film still captures being relatable to diverse cultural interests’ that bring common societal problems. Although Alex is a new skateboarder he is introduce to the character Scratch and his two friends at Eastside Park. Scratch instantly positions him to make an innocent decision based off a naïve choice that will change his life drastically forever. Sant’s ability to manipulate the acting, setting and lighting of scenes demonstrates the relevance of using stylistic choices to better deliver a story. For example, in a movie with a predominantly teenage cast viewers see varied character depictions of personalities one may find walking any High school’s hallway this also presents a realistic value. Macy and Jennifer’s character give a fresher profile to your typical cheerleader and girl next-door on screen. Jennifer maintains the attitude and curious nature but presents qualities like Macy…

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