Analysis Of P. M. Forni's Choosing Civility

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In the book, Choosing Civility, the author P.M. Forni argues that “the byproduct of doing justice to other is the enrichment of our own lives,” which is exemplified in the rule “speaking kindly.” I agree with Forni, that speaking kindly to others will benefit our lives as we speak kindly more often than not. Most likely there are many people out in the world who believe they speak kindly to others, I am one of those people myself. Throughout researching and testing this rule I have come to find that to speak kindly is not just saying a few nice words, but it is also to not speak ill to others and to also to give praise where needed. Some of the arguments stated by Forni can seem a little out there, but I can speak from experience that without …show more content…
The answer is, very few. Today in the world everyone is seeking happiness in some way, shape, or form. Even extremist seek happiness by doing horrible deeds, but those deeds make them happy. Happiness is the enrichment of lives because it makes people feel joyful and more lively. The Journal of Social Psychology published a study about how people feel after given instructions to be kind to one another. The study found that people who were kind to each other felt happier than those who were not (Dixon). I find this to be true, because speaking from my own experience, I know that when I am kind to others who are close to me they are happier. Not only does speaking kindly make the receiver happier but also the speaker. Knowing that you made someone happier by speaking kind, will make you happier as well, enriching both …show more content…
Karma is what creates this balance we all seek. Karma is the act of doing good or bad deeds and in return having something done on to you, either good or bad. When speaking to others, if you speak kindly, most likely they will do the same in return. Keeping a balanced life is what will enrich our lives and make us better people. There are many parts to have a balanced life by speaking kindly. Psychologist, Piero Ferrucci, believes that the ways to create balance when speaking are empathy, modesty, patience, generosity, respect, loyalty, and gratitude ("Why We All Need to Show More Kindness in Life"). If these ways of speaking are followed it will create good balance in one’s life, and the person being spoken to will then feel the need to do the same, creating good karma. Kerry Bennett, MD finds that having balance in her life is what makes her days better and enriches her life by being kind to others (Bennett). Karma is everywhere all the time. Humans are always interacting with each other and either doing something kind or mean.
Shane Goodall prefers to be kind to others and is trying to spread good karma all over Geelong. This man owns a coffee shop where people can buy a second cup of coffee for someone who cannot afford it (Courtney). People who come into the coffee shop and buy a second cup are creating good karma for themselves and in return something good will eventually happen to them. The same thing

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