Analysis Of ' On Being A Cripple ' Essay

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After reading a few essays by three different groups of people: The Doctors, the Nurses and the Patients. People hold different styles in almost every aspect in life such as types of music, clothing, colors, books, and films. So when it comes to different writing styles, then one can agree with that also. One just never thinks about it and with people having what they think is “good’ personal writing. Good personal Writing should include humor, graphic details, things I can relate to, and not too much gore.
A sense of humor in a personal essay is a good thing. Humor is a great way to keep the reader interested and not get bored with the information one is trying to give the reader. Such as when Nancy Mairs put in her essay “On Being a Cripple” in her opening paragraph she states “ I was thinking hard in one of the stalls of the women’s room in my office building, as I was shoving my shirt into my jeans and tugging up my zipper. Preoccupied, I flushed, picked up my book bag, took my cane down from the hook, and unlatched the door. So many movements unbalanced me, and as I pulled the door open I fell over backwards, landing fully clothed on the toilet seat with my legs splayed in front of me: the old beetle-on-it’s-back routine"(92). At times I am very clumsy also, before I began college, I was walking down the stairs in my home and I twisted over to pick my car keys up from the step (I guess two in the morning does not work overly effective with coordination) and when I…

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