Essay on Analysis Of ' Oedipus Rex And Antigone '

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French author, George Bernanos once said “It’s fine to rise above pride, but you must have pride in order to do so” (cite). Bernanos believed that it is necessary for everyone to have to pride in order to succeed; but after someone becomes successful, one becomes too proud and that is when he will lose everything. Bernanos believed that pride is good in moderation, but having excess of characteristics like these causes people to lose what they work so hard to obtain. Sophocles explores the idea of having traits that can be good in moderation; but those same traits in excess cause people to lose everything they worked so hard to get. In Sophocles 's Oedipus Rex and Antigone, the kings’ excess pride and determination gives them what they want, but it also is the reason why they lose it, just as it is years later for the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
Both Oedipus, and his successor, Creon, have too much pride which allows them to believe they are favored by the gods or even above them. After Oedipus finds out more details of his prophecy, his wife, Iocasta, realizes that he has already fulfilled it and begs him not to try to find out the truth; however Oedipus is too proud to believe this and continues his search as he tries to prove he is favored by the gods and is able to change his fate. The chorus reflects on Oedipus’ actions and states that “The tyrant is a child of Pride who drinks from his great sickening cup recklessness and vanity, until from his high crest…

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