Essay on Analysis Of ' Norbit ' A Laugh Out Loud Comedy '

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Norbit is a laugh out loud comedy film starring the famous comedian Eddie Murphy, who plays three outrageous characters in the film. The director of the film Brian Robbins, worked closely with Mr. Murphy into making this film a hysterical romantic comedy that is full of laughs and surprises. Norbit was released by DreamWorks Pictures on February 9, 2007, and hit movie theaters with a bang with its all star featured cast. The movie Norbit constructs a counter hegemonic representation of a strong black woman named Rasputia, who uses her assertiveness to dominate over her marriage with Norbit and her relationships with others in the town. This film demonstrates a counter hegemonic barrier between gender dominance, and also criticizes and mocks African American women as a whole. In the beginning of the film, it shows that Norbit has had a tough life growing up, from living in an orphanage, to being bullied in school, to never having what he really wanted in life. The one thing he truly loved was his childhood friend Kate, who also lived in the orphanage, but was taken away once she was adopted. This created a downward spiral on Norbit’s relationship with women, and the beginning of an abusive relationship with his wife Rasputia. As Norbit is trying to cope with his wife’s dramatic demands, he runs into his childhood crush Kate, who is back in town to get married. Norbit is shocked to hear that his childhood crush is getting married, but this doesn 't stop him from trying to win…

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