Nonprofit Engaging Earned-Income Venture Case Study

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Nonprofit Engaging Earned-income Ventures. In a Ted talk speech, the way we think about charity is dead wrong, Dan Pallotta pointed that why people admire people or parties who make a lot of money, even though they did nothing good for our society. But, why people see charities who make a lot of money is a sin, even though they can create social welfare. Indeed, we shouldn’t have this discrimination to against nonprofit sectors. In fact, the shortage of budget always is a biggest problem is any nonprofit sectors. If they can haunch an earned-income ventures, that could mitigate their financial stress. Moreover, nonprofit sectors could maintain their justices through financial independent. For example, a green group needs to maintain their …show more content…
CompuMentor offers free IT services. The mission of CompuMentor is making IT technologies accessible for any other nonprofit sectors. Therefore, earning profit from customers is not their major consideration. In the other hand, the goal of DiscounTech is generating profit to support CompuMentor’s mission. They have to take into account their profitability. In other word, unlike CompuMentor, the mission of DiscounTech tends to profit orientation. However, DiscounTech is not a complete profit orientation company. They share the same value with CompuMentor, or rather they build their business model base on the mission of CompuMentor. They sell the bargains of IT equipment and integrate fragmented IT resource allowing IT technologies more accessible to all of accessible nonprofit sectors. Moreover, CompuMentor’s business can push forward the demand of IT equipment, and helps DiscounTech to develop their business. From my perspective, the two companies are compatible because they share the common value and their business can support each other’s development.

Evaluation of DiscounTech’s Business
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First, the name, DiscounTech, might need to be changed because “discount” sounds like cheap and low quality products, and many donors have expressed they don’t like the name. Moreover, renaming also can help DiscounTech to repositioning from low price orientation to IT solution orientation. Second, instead of over rely on Microsoft donations, DiscounTech should increase the variety of donors. Third, the portfolio of online advertising needs to be adjusted. Except inefficiency, banners couldn’t carry enough message to express DiscounTech’s business spirit. In my opinion, social network media is another great tool because it provides long term two-way communication platform for both DiscounTech and their customers. Besides, YouTube also is a great vehicle that enables DiscounTech to present their complete enterprise

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