Analysis Of Neil And Jason T. Providing Research Concerning The Political And Social Threat Explanations

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Roland Neil and Jason T. Carmichael analyze the use of incarceration in Canada, providing research concerning the political and social threat explanations, specifically from the years 2001 to 2010. It is clear that there is an overrepresentation of racial minorities within the prison system, and the authors further analyze the likelihood that one will be more punished if they are a visible minority. There is a comparison shown with the United States alongside Canada, and the authors also provide a comparison from province to province. There is an emphasis on disproportionate representation of Aboriginals within the Canadian justice system. Neil and Carmichael also bring attention to political ideologies and political leaders, particularly conservative ones, and the attention that they bring to crime being associated with minority groups. There is later an assessment of explanatory variables. The findings from the research show that the minority threat theory is relevant in Canada, though many citizens believe that the society is not as racist as others. Ultimately, as minority representation grows in Canada, so does incarceration of minorities.
Published in 2014, Raymond R. Corrado, Sarah Kuehn, and Irina Margaritescu provide a close study on policy issues regarding the overrepresentation of incarcerated Aboriginal young offenders, focussing on Canada in particular, and whether the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) has reduced this overrepresentation or if they are still at…

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