Analysis Of Music's Forbidden Fruit

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Music’s Forbidden Fruit

“I know my God, I know my God seen His breaks and His edges are jagged for giving that pain to His city in gold,” says Noname in Chance the Rapper’s song “Finish Line/Drown.” Religion has been one of the most popular conversations since the beginning of time; whether you are religious or not, the question of how we came to be has crossed your mind. What is religion? It is defined as the belief in a god or gods, but does it mean something different to you? If you think about it today, or even 10 years ago, how often did you hear hip hop/rap songs talk about God? You might be able to count exactly on one hand; I know I can. The one song that I can think of is Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.” The well-known philosopher Aristotle
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The water may be deeper than it’s ever been, never drown. The water may be deeper than it’s ever been, never drown.”6 The point they are trying to make is that situations are bound to occur that you think you can’t handle, which is why they use the water metaphor. Do not give up no matter how high the “water” may be, never drown. If Aristotle came to the conclusion that God exists, and he wanted us as humans to have a fulfilling life, can it mean that God is what’s needed to have that kind of happiness?3 Instead of talking about handling sexual encounters with women, or participating in gang violence like other rappers are known for, he focuses on the positive view of life. The hook of this song is sang by T-Pain and he says, “All my days I prayed and prayed, and now I see the finish line. Oh I’m going to finish mine, yeah.” There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if someone doesn’t see their purpose in doing something, one day it will become clear symbolizing the “finish line.” I think the finish line could represent anything in your life that has peaceful meaning; in Chance the Rapper’s I think it represents the success of his music and all of the good things that have come into his life. He is very unique compared to other rappers because he takes the time to acknowledge that he believes in something higher than himself. There are tons of Christian Rappers, a well-known one would be Lecrae. He raps about Christianity all the time. Chance the Rapper believes that the reason he is able to do what he loves so much is because of the Lord. In his music it is clear that he believes in God, and he isn’t afraid to let it be known. Compared to a rapper like Lil Wayne, it is rare to find him speaking about having sex with women, doing drugs, or even something as simple as using an excessive amount of

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