Essay about Analysis Of Mlg And Free Movement For European Players

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Analysis : MLG and Free Movement for European players

“The EU and football appears as two systems of multilevel governance” (MLG) (García, 2008, p.i). The structure of the EU are similiar to football pyramid and both structures are mix of national and supranational institutions (García, 2008).

Adaptive role of European football after Bosman case

Since Dona and Bosman cases, “the football governing bodies must respect EU law when regulating the game” (García, 2008, p.96). Therefore, football actors like European football institutions required to adopt EU rules. Bosman case has affected European football in many areas. It created new political environment on sport (Parrish, 2001). It essentially developed international organization of professional football and the Commission’s position (Parrish, 2001). The relationship of actors in UEFA and the EU are interconnected (Geeraert et al., 2013). For example, the EC cooperate and support in sport and collaborate with UEFA to ensure an effective policy, at the same time, UEFA dependent on the EC because football’s rules based on EU law (Geeraert et al., 2013). Furthermore, UEFA and clubs are turn interdependent relation (Geeraert et al., 2013).

Initially, UEFA and the EU were parallel interaction (García, 2007). Since the Bosman ruling, FIFA and UEFA rules regulating European football organization have to be approved from the Commission (García, 2007; Parrish, 2002). Particularly, UEFA has conflict most often with EU law…

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