Analysis Of Michael Crichton, An American Best Selling Author

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Michael Crichton, an American best-selling author, once stated that “If you do not know your history, then you do not know anything. You are a leaf that does not know it is part of a tree.” This quote speaks volumes because you are made up from history. You are made up from history, but you do not have to allow history to recreate itself, but you have to know your history first before you possibly make the mistake to recreate it. After reading this quote, it made me think a lot about myself and my life. I am an African American male that studies at one of the best HBCU’s, which is the Savannah State University. Despite that I have learned things about the history of my school, I noticed I failed to learn anything about the city that I reside in for almost half of the year. Sure, I feel safe on campus, but am I truly safe when I leave off campus to explore the city. Where there lynching and racist act that took place in history of Savannah? All these questions that I needed answers, that’s why when our teacher told us to research and go visit museum in Savannah that relate to American history, I was eager to go. While searching online for nearby museum, I found the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, and it related to African American during the civil rights movement in Savanah, which was very relatable to my history as a black man in Savannah, Georgia.
The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum was named after the now deceased Dr. Ralph Mark Gilbert. He was a huge…

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