Thomas Paine Common Sense Essay

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Thomas Paine helped influence the American Revolution with his pamphlet called “Common Sense.” This helped influence many Americans to gain their independence from Great Britain and become their own nation. This pamphlet was not only just patriotic, but was an extremely powerful message to the American people. This showed the patriots that the New World civilians could live in a Republic-Democratic nation without worrying about a King in a different country. General George Washington used this pamphlet to motivate his officers during the American Revolution. This essay will go over the following: The life of Thomas Paine, the pamphlet “Common Sense,” the effects “Common Sense” had on both the American patriots and loyalists, and Thomas Paine after the pamphlet “Common Sense.”
Thomas Paine was born in 1727 in Thetford, England. Paine not know how to do the following: read, write, and do math. When Paine was thirteen he worked with his father as a stay maker, but he later worked as a tax collector. As a stay maker, he hunted smugglers, collected liquor and tobacco taxes. In 1760, Thomas Paine’s wife, child, and business as a stay maker died. In 1774,
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Thomas Paine started out by building sails for boats, and ended with helping motivate one country. By publishing “Common Sense,” he not only influenced a major part of the American colonists, but also motivated George Washington’s officers by publishing “The American Crisis.” Even though plenty of civilians in the New World thought John Adams wrote “Common Sense,” it was Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine did other pamphlets and books even past “Common Sense.” Thomas Paine made a book called “The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology” that Paine wrote in jail in 1794. Thomas Paine died in June of 1809, and is now regarded as a significant figure in the American

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