Analysis Of Melinda And Melissa 's ' Living Will ' Essays

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Melinda and Melissa have a very hard decision to make. Their brother, Matthew, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that leaves him incapacitated with the only sign of life being hooked up to life support equipment. According to his “living will” both sisters must equally agree upon the most critical decision of having medical staff “pull the plug,” or not. This is a huge decision that will take much consideration upon both sisters to reach a common ground with one another. Each sister has their own idea of what they think they should do concerning this dilemma. Melissa, whom believes what some might call a “scientific world view,” according to which the real Matthew is whatever Matthew is physically. Melinda on the other hand, believes that as long as Matthew has a soul, Matthew is still living. Plato would agree with Melinda, as he believes that the body and the soul are two separate entities while Aristotle would agree with Melissa, suggesting that the real Matthew is whatever Matthew is in a physical state.
Melinda would use Plato’s cycle of opposites or the argument of knowledge that Plato had utilized in his dialogue, Phaedo, to convey her beliefs. Suggesting, that just as the living can become dead, the dead can also become the living. Meaning a revolving cycle with no permanent end. Melinda would argue that since Matthew has a soul, and his body is “the house,” that Matthew’s soul will live on. Once Matthew dies his soul will be released and move…

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