Analysis Of Mcdonald 's ' Mirai No Watashi ( The Future Me ) Essay

720 Words Nov 30th, 2016 3 Pages
Commercials have a diverse usage of rhetorical devices. The idea is to sell a product or institute an idea into the minds of those who watch. To expand the concept of the product, commercials target the audience’s sense of emotions, logic, and trustworthiness. The audience is encouraged to keep an interest in the product or company. The "Mirai no Watashi (The Future Me)" McDonald 's commercial implements rhetorical devices such as pathos, logos, and ethos to persuade its audience to view its company as a playful, supporting place to work in hopes to promote people to join the company.
The first way in which the commercial employs pathos in order to persuade its audience is its innovative use of anime/animation. The more creative an advertisement is the higher emotional impact gain (Heiser). The creative aspect that makes the animation different from other commercials is its art style. The Japanese art style of the commercial has a tremendous influence on its audience, which consists of teenagers and young adults. Anime projects characters with large eyes and distinctive hairstyles and unlike the majority of cartoons, it is known to engage the characters with a background story. Anime goes beyond the boundaries of mere entertainment for children. It opens the boundaries of human emotions and experiences to which the audience can relate to. The animated features alone introduce a positive impact upon the audience and elevates the storyline of the commercial. The one-minute…

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