Essay about Analysis Of `` Maus I And Maus ``

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Stereotypes are used in all kinds of writing and art. They have a way to create items, or things, and arranging them in a certain way that readers can comprehend them in a different perfectly systematic way. In a frightening notion would be to think that something will never fit, and that it would be an entrance to an unknown world that we are occupying in. With using art readers can recognize different stereotypes without thinking too hard about it, and they can all react identically. According to a famous philosopher and theater theorist, Bertolt Brecht, “It is well known that contact between audience and stage is normally made on the basis of empathy” (136). Using art lets the audience create characters, and making the timeline an untaught, unique story. Art is a key necessity to see the world in different perspectives.
Audiences crave art that catches their eye and will make them engage the ride through the story. Art Spiegelman; writer, cartoonist, and editor fits this wanting in his novel Maus I and Maus II. Spiegelman reports his masterpiece as, “The goal was to get people moving forward, to get my eye and thought organized enough so that one could relatively, seamlessly, be able to become absorbed in the narrative” (Apr 19). Maus is a comic book, novel that pulls in the audience into its own whirlwind and sounds a lot like the description provided by Brecht’s.
Spiegelman’s work has not forever had the same intention, nonetheless. With his beginning writing, the…

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