Essay on Analysis Of Lush Cosmetic And An Effective Company

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Lush cosmetic is an effective company however an unsuccessful areas as shown is the lack of communication between senior management and the staff. This is because the people in the managerial position do not know how staff feels about the changes at the outlet. According to the business practice video, one of the staff within the Lush outlet store do not feel comfortable about the changes to their uniform as they feel like they’re in prison. They prefer the old colorful uniform as this enable them to express their work performances freely. Other unsuccessful areas at Lush is the shortage of the ingredients and the lack of stock. As shown in the video that workers won 't wont able to get their work done because of the lack ingredients to make the soap. Also shown that in the store, they ran out of soap and the counter was left empty. This is not a good look in the store.

After watching Lush cosmetic, the area of success within the business is when the CEO of Lush puts forward one of their Director of communication to learn as a team member to improve the Lush company. This is an excellent example of a learning culture within the business. They are willing to go extra miles to get variety of ways to improve the success of the company.


Management of Lush can assist with dealing with the consequences of lack of ingredients for the product by providing more ingredients to get the work done. This would help the staff get the…

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