Analysis Of ' Lord Of The Flies ' Essay

1522 Words May 14th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever thought of having some type of power, whether it is being the CEO of a facility, or being ruler of a country? Have you ever thought of how you would act if you were in a position like that? Well, here are two characters from 2 different stories who would act similar to each other. Jack (from the story, Lord of the Flies) and Cassius (from the story Julius Caesar) act very similar to each other. They both want power. But there are also differences. Cassius is awful greedy to get power, and Jack is more of a persuasive speaker. These 2 circumstances lead them to get their power at the end, though Cassius will kill himself. Power is decided by the person who has it or wants it. It depends on how they want things to be run. Here is how these two react in their own environments and how they eventually get some power. Jack, from Lord of the Flies, is a persuasive speaker, and that’s what will lead him to get power. In the beginning of the book, he is a little shy, but as time goes on, he gets more eager and will gain full power over Ralph, another character from the book. Here are a few quotes and explanations to show you how exactly he gained his power: On page 23, Ralph states, “The choir belongs to you of course.” Basically, Ralph is saying that since he already had control over the choir in the first place, it would be best that Jack would still have that control. Jack would, therefore, use this control to hunt for food, while helping keep the fire lit on top of…

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