Essay on Analysis Of Lois Gould 's Article About An X Child And

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been taught about what a girl should and shouldn’t do, what a girl should or shouldn’t wear, and even what a girl should or shouldn’t be. And as I got older my identity has slowly conformed to these gender ideas. But, what if when I was younger I hadn’t been taught about gender and what if gender ideals wouldn’t have been pushed onto us by the media? Would I be the same person that I am today, or would I be someone completely different? I would hope that I would be the same person now, but I do not believe that that would be the case. The media enforces gender ideals and society pushes against anything that could be perceived as “different”. Society makes being “different” hard because being “different” doesn’t fit into its preconceived categories. This notion can be seen in Lois Gould’s article about an X child and also in Anastasia Higginbotham’s article about the subliminal messages that teenagers are receiving through the media.
In Lois Gould’s article, “X: A Fabulous Child’s Story” she delves into a fictional situation where a family raised a child, but this child was neither a girl nor a boy, the child was an X. This child was never affected by the media or society like other young children, especially girls. Young girls are easily shaped by the media and by what society holds young girls and women at a standard of. An article that discusses the shaping of young girls is “Teen Mags: How to Get a Guy, Drop 20 Pounds, and Lose Your…

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