Analysis Of Let's Not Mince Our Problems By Isabelle Saporta

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Register to read the introduction… And calls for resistance against "job-frozen-dodo" which mishandles our health and wallets.
Point: Fracture food that begins with the thirties. Why?
Isabelle Saporta: In trying to overcome the culinary chores, sixty-eighters have chained the company to junk food. Transmission fault, my generation has lost the sense of taste. The taste of reference became the flavor industry. When we were in high pasteurized cheese and soda, it is unlikely to enjoy a roquefort or a grand cru. More seriously, it is unable to provide a good foundation for her children. My generation does not know cooking. She did not reason in terms of food, but filling: padding on his fridge food shelf under cellophane and ready meals.
Do not you exaggerating by saying that school lunches have become "places of perdition" and "factories to
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"When we seek to know the quality of ingredients served in the canteen, sometimes you are dealing with a real omerta," says Sylvie Mondet example, the mother of a little girl in kindergarten educated in a common Val d'Oise. "I had to fight for months to see the specifications that the mayor had signed with the catering company. And when I questioned it, it took two years to give me the name of its meat suppliers ... "A lack of transparency that we were able to throughout our investigation. The Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for monitoring school feeding, for example refuses to make public the results of its inspections, because, as explained in point a counselor of the Minister: "Parents may misinterpret the results. "He added:" It's like the results of microbiological analyzes displayed at the entrance of pools, it is useless, because the public is unable to understand.

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