Analysis Of Lean In By Sheryl Sandberg

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Lean in, is a book that chronicles the struggles that women have in the workplace, especially the struggles caused by gender-biased beliefs. I believe Sheryl Sandberg wrote it with the purpose of encouraging other women to speak up. “I never thought I would write a book. I am not a scholar, a journalist, or a sociologist. But I decided to speak out after talking to hundreds of women, listening to their struggles and sharing my own” said Sandberg (p 9). Sandberg, provides examples of her experiences and the experiences of her co-workers and acquaintances. In addition, the book is full of sited research studies which support and explain the gender-biased issues she talks about. Such studies prove the claim that sexism is not a fantasy. In today´s world, women are better off than ever. However, sexism was and is a real issue, and us, women need to speak up. …show more content…
Both can play all kinds of sports, both can pursue the career path they desire, and both can be equally successful in the workplace. However, when Sandberg grew up, she realized that gender equality is not a truth for everybody. The first chapter describes the leadership ambition gap. Sandberg explains how women are statistically less likely to pursue leadership roles. Such situation can be explained by how, in today`s society, ambitious women are not as well accepted as ambitious men are (p. 5). Additionally, people usually believe that when a woman has two roles (e.g. personal life and work life) she cannot be totally committed and excel in both. When we see someone who is a mom, has a job, and invests time on herself, we tend to say “I do not know how she does it”, as if women were not capable of fulfilling several tasks and

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