Analysis Of Kristen And Brad V. Rasheed 's A Name And How It Affects Getting A Job

775 Words Jun 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Following my thoughts, after reading Kristen v. Aisha; Brad v. Rasheed: What’s in a name and how it affects getting a job, I came to the conclusion that the system needs to string from discrimination. There essential is a need to being justice in our system and we have to learn to become equal amongst each other. Discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping possess hate and mistreatment because of a simply name. Parents who name the child black-sounding names have the freedom to choose their kids names. Black name discrimination has an effect on the injustice system. Blacks and other ethnicities endure being treated unjustly because of their name. I think this is ridiculous and something has to change. It affects our mentally mindset for those people who have black-sounding names. What about those black-sounding names who are successful or what about those black-sounding names who are wealthy? It’s wrongful and unfair to treat people unjustly because of their name. I admit black-sounding names cause’s problems but it is still wrongfully unfair. My friend Shameka, has a black sounding name, but she is very successful. She furthermore went through a situation where her name was discriminated against for a career in her field. Shameka mislead the job application the second time around and put the same information on the resume, but she use a white sounding name on her application. She eventually was employed for the job. However, I am not saying anyone should mislead a job offer…

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