Analysis Of Khakis Or Jeans? Essay

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Khakis Or Jeans?

In a little town with not a large amount of school related discipline problems, there was a normal third grade girl. This girl was in love with this certain jean skirt so much she would wear it twice a week. It was not designer or a brand name, but soon problems started with the other “more popular” girls. Everyday this girl was bullied and pushed around because of her skirt. One day around her red ordinary locker, getting her math book out, she was shoved by a popular girl with all the new name brand clothes. The helpless girl was on her knees with her previous bruises. Before she could stand up she faintly heard a boy scream, “Fight!”. The girl gang started punching, hitting, and pulling on this innocent girl. She was broken, teary, and blue when a teacher found her in the bathroom. The school and district faculty desperately wanted to come up with a way to prevent this from happening. A majority of teachers suggested having students wear a school uniform. The school principal put this into effect the next year. Many parents and students complained and students even ordered a petition to stop the uniforms. But the principal said that it was in the best interest of the school. What is your view on uniforms in public schools? Should you have uniforms in your high school? Many public schools have been opposed to and have been supporting uniforms within the past decade. The main reasons against the uniform policy are, the uniforms take away the students’…

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