Analysis Of Kevin Hart 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Imagine getting thrown into a pool and almost drowning, then getting yelled at for not knowing how to swim. That was just one of the many things that happened to Kevin hart. Growing up with a father in and out of jail and a strict mother can be difficult, but somehow Kevin Hart spun that into a positive thing and is now one of the most famous comedians in the world. Kevin was born July 6, 1997 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father Henry Robert Witherspoon, formally in a relationship with Kevins mother Nancy Hart, both religious and strict. Kevin first knew that he wanted to be a comedian, when he was about to get beat by his mom and he made a joke so funny it got him out of trouble. His mom wasn 't just hard on her kids, but also to Kevins father. When he was younger his father had an addiction to drugs. He was in and out of jail and also Kevins life. Growing up with a father like that is tough, but Kevin saw the positive in a negative situation. “It taught me what not to do.” (CITE HERE) One particular fight comes to Kevins mind when he is talking about his father My mom had no patience at all. My mom found out my dad was on drugs and she snapped on him. My dad came home and she kicked him out of the house. She said ‘You know what that’s it! I 'm sick of it! Not gon’ live in my house and be on drugs, you hear me!?! That 's it! You’re not welcome here! Don’t come back to this house! You can come by and say hi to the kids, but don’t come past the second step!…

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