Analysis Of ' Kelsey Henderickson ' Essay

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Kelsey Henderickson is a 21 year old female, and she currently resides in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. She lives on her own, and she would consider herself to be middle class. She was born on July 30, 1995. She attends Saint Cloud State University, and she is expected to graduate spring of 2018.
II. Family Relationships
Kelsey’s marital status is single; however, she does have a boyfriend of 3 years. Her immediate family consist of her mother, father, and two sisters. She has an excellent relationship with her mother, Alison. She does not have a good relationship with her father, Scott. Her parents are divorced, and they have both remarried. She describes her relationship with her stepdad, Bob as amazing. She is closer to Bob than she is to her real father, thus she looks at Bob as her father figure in her life. She does not like her stepmother, Mary. She has two sisters: Kayla (26) and Kiersten (22). She is close to her sister, Kiersten. She talks to Kiersten everyday on the phone, and they see each other often. She has a decent relationship with, Kayla. Kayla lives out of state, so they are unable to see each other often. Kelsey’s has a small extended family on her father’s side; however, her extended family on her father’s side is significantly bigger. Her father has two brothers: Dave and Dale. Dave is the youngest sibling; whereas, Dale is the youngest sibling out of the three. Dave is married to his wife, Colette; they have three children. Kelsey is not close to either…

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