Analysis Of Judy Brady 's ' Why I Am Still ' Want A Wife ' Essay

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Argument Comparison The essay “Why I [Still] Want a Wife” by Judy Brady is a hyperbolic piece on how a wife should act. Brady uses rhetoric by stating multiple, unrealistic ways a wife should act. I do not think Brady did well in doing this, since using exaggerations on how a wife should be loses, most audience members since they can not relate to the situations that Brady portrayed in the essay. I disagree with how Brady goes about this, since her use of sarcasm, hyperbole, and making the worst seem normal diminishes her overall goal of persuading the audience in favor of her opinion. This loses myself and most of the audience members, since only a scarce amount of people can relate to these situations. Brady’s audience for this piece would be men and women who are married; however, they most likely agree that a marriage should be fair, but disagree with how she portrays a marriage. Since her examples about marriage imply that females are slaves in a marriage, this concept loses a majority of the target audience. Instead, I think Brady should have argued in a way that would apply to more marriages, which could have been done by limiting hyperboles, and keeping all situations listed realistic and applicable to a majority of marriages. In Brady’s essay she writes a piece about marriage. This essay refers to the hypothetical circumstance in which Brady and her husband got divorced and she wants to go back to school to become economically independent. While she is doing this…

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