Essay on Analysis Of John Paul 's ' First Thessalonians '

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I Thessalonians Paper First Thessalonians is filled with encouragement which can lead readers to believe that maybe the people of Thessalonica are losing faith in a certain area. Paul is encouraging the Christians to hold fast in their faith and to not give in to the ways of sin. God speaks through Paul in this book and tells the people of Thessalonica to hold fast in the faith in Jesus Christ, and good results will come their way. The main command of this book was to hold fast to what is good.
In First Thessalonians Paul opens up Chapter four with encouraging the Christians of Thessalonica to not follow in the ways of sexual impurity and to continue to live in the ways of the Lord. Humans have always struggled with sexaul impurity and I am imagining that the early Church is no different. Paul is simply offering a word of encouragement to the his brothers and sisters to not forsake their beliefs for a temporary moment to satisfy the needs of the flesh. God is speaking through Paul to tell them to hold fast in their holiness and honor and to not follow the ways of the Gentiles who do not know God. Paul also references that the Church has been warned about what will happen if they disobey the law. When they disobey the law that the Church has spoken they are also disobeying the law of the Lord. Secondly God speaks through Paul to inform the Church on how to love one 's brother. Paul acknowledges that the Christians know about the law already, but again he…

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