Analysis Of Joe Clark 's ' Lean On Me ' Essay

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Between a Teacher and a Parent
The Ethos and Pathos Of Joe Clark’s Speech In the Movie “Lean on Me”
“This is an institution of learning, ladies and gentlemen. If you can 't control it, how can you teach? Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm!” By Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman)

Passion is the source which motivates the will to teach. It is clear, teachers do not step into the education field for the money. This is evident in the movie “Lean on Me” as Morgan Freeman is demoted to an elementary principal after having the title of a high school history teacher and the founder of the Union Executive Board because teachers were promised by the Board of Education a better salary if Mr. Clark was transferred. This problem continues today as teachers struggle to pay their bills. In 2010, all Hawaii public schools experienced the chaos of implementation of furloughs. Because teachers were not getting paid, students had to pay for it and miss seventeen day of instruction. On the other hand, Mr. Joe Clark demonstrates a truly vehement underpaid educator through his speech to the students through provocative diction and powerful tone. Morgan Freeman, playing the part of the Principal of Eastside High School, Joe Clark makes a speech to the student body. His speech is meant to rally the teenagers to take the basic-skills test. This test decides whether or not the school will be placed in receivership. Leading up to this inspirational speech, Eastside High School was known for…

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