Analysis Of Jesus 's ' The Gospel Of Matthew ' Essay

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Love is shown in the Matthew in several occurrences, but one of the biggest ones is Christ 's crucifixion(27:45-56). Jesus death is the biggest sacrifice that has ever been done for mankind and is the biggest expression of love.
Throughout the gospel of Matthew, Jesus has had encounters with various people, such as giving to the needy (6:1-4), Jesus heals a paralytic (9:1-8), Jesus Heals two blind men (9:27-31), Jesus heals a man unable to speak (9:32-34), his lessons and healings are all ways in which Jesus is showing love and in multiples occurrences, He tells his disciples and his followers that they need to do that same thing (5:48). Jesus actions show love, therefore, we must show love. This is evident in matthew chapter 5(:43-48) when Jesus speaks of loving your enemies. There is importance in loving those whom it is easy to love, but the challenge of loving those who are difficult to love show respect, humility and kindness. Not only is it done with a transformed heart and brings joy to our Father, but it also shows our love for Christ to the world around us.

Jesus’ Teachings

One of the most well known and prominent places that Jesus’ teachings are found is in the Sermon on the Mount. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus states the Beatitudes (5:2-11) These beatitudes are lessons that were meant to encourage those who were experiencing trials and difficult times, “Blessed are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.(5:4)”. It was also for those who…

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