Essay Analysis Of Jerome Kagan 's Article On Stress

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Response to Jerome Kagan’s Essay On Stress
The term stress refers to the reaction that a person may attain in relation to the changes in a particular stimulus, which may disturb either his/her physical or mental environment (Baqutayan, 2015). There has been numerous publications and research developed in the past to determine the effects of stress on people. An example of such research is summarized by a publication authored by McEwen and McEwen (2016), which is a response to Jerome Kagan’s publication on stress. This essay is a summary of the McEwen and McEwen (2016)’s research hypothesis and research design used to test the hypothesis of the research, the methodology of the research used in the article, as well as the types of descriptive and inferential statistics. The essay is also a research to one of more topics that were discussed in class.
Summary of the Research Hypothesis and Research Design
The hypothesis of the research was that there is a need for a more profound comprehension of the epigenetic influences in an organism’s life that contributes to both positive and negative outcomes of stress. The development of this hypothesis was derived from the need for the concept of stress to be described through biological terms. Such are the terms that are linked to a larger framework of the process of allostasis. This also includes the purpose of allostasis in the adaptation of the brain as well as the body’s positive and negatives experiences in an organism’s life.…

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