Analysis Of ' Je Suis La Baronne Simone De Valfort Essay examples

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I was still snooping around the library, when she entered, holding her hand out to me. “Je suis la Baronne Simone de Valfort,” she said, with a soft tone that a bit of hoarseness, (probably caused by a recent common cold, or due to a natural inborn vocal trait,) had brought a full octave down, thus giving to her voice profound accents which sensual sonorities, I will never forget. I could not tell how old she was, for she was the kind of women that remains untouched by time. The years, falling so heavily on us all, could do no more than give her a brush. She may have been fifty, but her beauty was half her age. “Madame, je suis enchanté. Je m’appelle Walter Morsirisse…” “Comment allez-vous?” she answered, taking back her hand -which I had kept close to my thin mustache perhaps longer than I realized. “My husband is in his office, he will see you soon.” “Merci, Madame,” I uttered, watching her walk toward the armchair previously occupied by Santéglise. “Monsieur Morsirisse, may I have a word with you?” “Madame, je suis à votre service,” I answered in a voice that I had difficulty identifying as my own. She nodded, satisfied, but, as I kept watching her, it became obvious that she was losing her nerves. Whatever she wanted to discuss was surely important, however, she was having second thoughts about confiding in me. She was struggling inside. Her gestures had the same inutility that nervous tics have. She moved in her chair in a contorted motion, wiggling to change…

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