Analysis Of All Creatures Great And Small By James Herriot

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Each person has different tastes in animals, such as dogs and cats. People also have different preferences for art. James Herriot mixes these ideas together into one in his story, All Creatures Great and Small. Whether it was suturing a wound or the birth of a cow, it was beautiful. Precisely like art, all of the different colors are easy on the eyes and the different textures make for an entertaining experience. The art of Dr. Herriot's surgeries convey the theme that every small action will have a consequence. Surgery is a metaphor for a work of art. The equipment is the main detail needed to perform both surgery and artwork. In vet school, Dr. Herriot learned about how to maneuver the tools, but not the struggles of them. “No, there wasn’t a word in the books about searching for your ropes and equipment in the shadows…” (Herriot 1). With his arm deep in a cow, Dr. Herriot was covered in dirt and standing on pebbles. He then referred back to his book, where it was ironic that the surgeon was in a sleek environment, when he was in a dirty one. Next, he was examining a deceased cow which the apparent cause of death was a lightning strike. But he was not positive, so he had to perform deeper research. “I was alone as I nicked the dead ear with my knife and drew a film of …show more content…
Devi Shetty is a pediatric cardiologist who performed over 15,000 surgeries. Dr. Shetty stated, “I am essentially an artist, I used to like painting and drawing and I became a doctor because I love the profession. But I was constantly looking at the art side of it. And surgery is an art; it is not pure science” (Martina par. 3) Even though the outcomes sometimes were not as expected, he still performed his best. But mostly, he performed his job and painted a hopeful outcome for the family and patients. Walking out of surgery, then telling the family that their loved one made it is just like giving someone a piece of art. Beautiful. Their faces light up and that day will be cherished

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