Essay on Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid 's `` Girl ``

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The author, Jamaica Kincaid in her piece “Girl”, chooses to write and develop her text as a memoir to better connect with her readers. The conflicts that are expected in a mother and daughter relationship, is a relatable issue and can allow others to become more emotionally involved with this composition. Throughout the text the author also distinguishes how the mother tends to develop a darker, more critical side that is intended to guide her daughter to reach societal expectations for her. Without the piece being a memoir, my conclusion of how the daughter is effected by her mother’s critical demands would not be reached. Considering this, I believe a memoir conducts the best strategy to convey this confliction between a mother and daughter.

In the text, we can clearly see the dynamic of this relationship. As a reader, one is able to identify the mother as a controlling but also loving mother. Her mother figure wants what is best for her daughter and does so by contributing the most efficient advice that she is aware of. Her mother’s words in attempt to guide her daughter are both caring and critical. In the mother’s endeavor to have the absolute best for her daughter, she hopes that she will see through her condemning advice. The mother’s input tends to become confusing as she switches back and forth between her polar opposite opinions. Her indecisiveness is a result from societies extreme measures for the standards of a girl her daughter’s age. Throughout the…

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