Analysis Of Ismat Chughtai, The Most Eminent Muslim Women Writers

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Ismat Chughtai, born in 1915 in Badayun, spent most of her life in the Northern part of India. Being one of the most eminent Muslim women writers she used her pen as a weapon to bring the evils of patriarchy that were customary at that time. Being herself the woman of the time when Indian society was to a great extent orthodox which rarely allows women to come out of her veils, Chughtai dared to challenge them by giving a whole new definition to women rights as well as women sexuality. Her (almost all) writings deal with problems related to women.
“Woman.. woman.. woman.. very good, loyal ,disloyal, this and that, and god knows what else”(Naqvi 36) According to Chughtai the main cause of the unquestionable hold of patriarchy lies in the fact that it has always been opinionated about the women and her character which they force ,ideologically or physically, woman to follow and consider as rules for her survival. The male assumptions that according to them always help one in playing the role of what the society calls a perfect woman. According to her the problem lies in those absurd proclamations that male makes and female follow , that is, “men said “men is cruel” and women quietly submitted to the oppression .Men said “ women is faint hearted ” and she proceeded to exhibit terror even at the sight of the mouse. ”(Naqvi 36). Women are supposed to live considering the social norms as their purpose of living rather than having any free will to choose. Society always…

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