Analysis Of I Want To Write You A Song

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One direction has reached millions of fans through their music. The five members got their start on United Kingdom’s X-Factor competition in 2010, they won third place. (Lamont Par 2). One direction’s career took after they were eliminated and their fans started promoting them on social media. On March 25th, Zayn Malik left the band leaving the fans in fear that the band was going to break up. The rest of the members reassured them that they will be releasing another album before going on their indefinite hiatus. “I Want to Write You a Song” is written for the comfort of fans and includes a paradox, imagery, symbolism along other poetic elements and can be analyzed with a biographical criticism.
Firstly, this song has a lot imagery making the listener feel or hear what the artist wants them to. From the beginning, “I wanna write you a song” (Line 1), the listener starts visualizing someone sitting down and writing a song for them. All throughout the song, the listener is able to hear the sound of the pencil writing. Next, in line 4, “for the feeling that I get when you are gone,” the artist wants
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One direction wanted to reassure the fans that they would be back and that even throughout their hiatus, they would still be around. In an interview, Liam Payne says, “It is definitely really sad for us. But obviously, we 're going back into it. So it 's not goodbye, it 's just, 'See you later.” (Ryan “It 's a break, but not goodbye”). This song, along with the whole album, has comforted many fans and gave them hope that they will back to make more music in the future.
In conclusion, “I Wanna Write You a Song” is filled with imagery, symbolism and other poetic elements. After the departure of a key member, One Direction’s only desire was to let the fans know they weren’t going anywhere. This song achieved that and more, with fans being able to find comfort in

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