Analysis Of Homer 's The Iliad Essay

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In Homer’s The Iliad not only is Achilles the main character, he is also the perfect depiction of what a self-sufficient man looks like. Sometimes we get the idea that we are able to accomplish and conquer anything without help. To add on, the point of human interaction is to create human empowerment. Human empowerment is the ability to come together as a unified whole. Thus when you are unified together as a group you can conquer, solve and learn from one another. Human interaction is also important for sanity and our abilities to understand our purpose/fate. However in The Iliad, Achilles son of the mortal Peleus (father) and the sea nymph Thetis (mother) seems to believe that he does not need anyone but himself. Achilles has this belief that his glorification can only be fulfilled through his own actions. To die a hero and be glorified are his main goals; in addition to being remembered ages after the Trojan War. On the other hand Achilles mortal arch-nemesis Hector, Prince of Troy believes in the same glorification fulfillment, however approaches it differently. Rather than taking the Achaeans on by himself like Achilles he fights alongside with his men; with the belief that they will help glorify him in battle. Aristotle said, “The man who is incapable of working in common, or who is his self-sufficiency has no need of others, is no part of the community, like a beast or god.” Self-sufficiency can be defined as the capability of carrying on life without the help of…

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