Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad ' Essay

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Homer focuses on leadership in his epic, The Iliad. The Iliad includes great leaders such as Achilles, Odysseus, and Diomedes. Agamemnon stands out amongst these leaders. Agamemnon stands out not for his excellence, but rather for his poor leadership qualities. The first eight books prove that Agamemnon is a mediocre leader at best. In book nine, the Achaeans are being pushed back by their enemies, the Greeks. Thus, Agamemnon the opportunity to rally his troops with a motivational speech. The Achaean commander misses his opportunity to inspire his troops because of the poor way in which he presents himself. In the beginning lines of book nine, Homer first focuses on Agamemnon’s tears from losing the fight to the Greeks. The commander has “streaming tears like a dark-water spring, which down sheer rock streams somber water” (Book 9: Lines 14 and 15). The “streaming tears” illustrating that Agamemnon is sobbing, showing his severe agony caused by the Achaeans’ loss. Agamemnon isn’t just sobbing, he has waterfalls coming from his eyes. The waterworks reveal that Agamemnon has completely lost it. Yet, in this moment of distress he should be the most composed. Agamemnon should be the most composed because he is setting the example. The poet, Homer, characterizes the tears as “dark-water”. Dark water symbolizes that there is no hope. Dark water is ominous. The way the water is described as dark showing that Agamemnon has no hope in his eyes. Therefore, the distinction…

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