Analysis Of Homer 's Iliad By Homer Essay

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“Because it’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.” These are the wise words from the mother that raised me. The mother that taught me that the single most powerful force, in all of nature, is that of love. Love, like people, comes in many different forms, with many different faces. Love encompasses the warm, fluttering feeling that many associate coming from a significant other. Love also includes that gut wrenching feeling that comes when you encounter a situation that your heart was not prepared for. Love, in some ways, can be equated to the hormonal version of Zeus; Like Zeus, love can be blamed for the many actions of humans. Romance, sadness, and violence, are all symptoms of this thing we admire so. Love is one of the many ways we as humans stay in touch with the thing that connects our bodies to our souls to make us truly human. Homer’s Iliad is one of many pieces of literature that have successfully worked the violence of love into the works. One of the most notable scenes of violence in Homer’s Iliad, would have to be the scene where Hector mistakenly murders Patroclus. While Hector killing Patroclus is obviously a remarkable scene in Homer’s Iliad, it has to do with more than simply the slaying of another Achaean by a Trojan. In the obvious ways, this moment of action involved many different scopes of love, but specifically it dealt with the love Hector had for power. As Patroclus lay dying, Hector taunts, “Why Patroclus- why prophesy my doom, my…

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