Analysis Of Homer 's ' Homer ' Essay

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Homer’s Heroes What exactly is a hero? A hero to people today could be a man in tights with a cape, but in ancient Greece, the idea of a hero was much different. A hero in ancient Greece is someone who has supernatural powers who displays courage and bravery. A hero in essence needs honor, “The goal of Homeric heroes is to achieve honor. Honor is essential if one wants to be a hero” (The Iliad--the Heroic Code). With this being said, a hero may not be considered “good” to today’s standards of a hero. Like Elton Barker and Joel Christensen say in their book, Homer, “Homer’s heroes aren’t a clearly defined group of star performers, as one might suppose given our vernacular usage of ‘hero’ to denote someone who does something outstanding. Nor is there any direct statement about what being a ‘hero’ entails, or indeed of any ‘heroic code’ of behavior. Rather, Homer emphasizes the distinction between his characters and people nowadays... In fact, the term ‘heroes’ describes the group of warriors who are fighting at Troy” (Barker and Christensen 36). Through this quote they are conveying that many of the famous figures are known for courageous acts that do not always line up with the normal hero today. Throughout Homers, The Iliad, there are many characters that meet the qualifications of a greek hero. Within the book, The Iliad, Achilles might strike readers less than heroic. He shows many great traits as a warrior; in fact, he is the greatest warrior in the Greek army. Even…

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