Analysis Of Heteronormative And Religious Perspective On Lesbian And Gay

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Heteronormative and religious perspective on Lesbian & Gay
My contribution on Gay and Lesbian Rights Presentation
The fight for lesbian and gay rights have become a discourse from time to time and being the phenomenal and controversial issue over the period. The vast majority community particularly religious and heteronormative society have refused homosexuality in favor to heterosexuality. Their strong views regarding human sexuality are unchangeable as for them heterosexuality is the only right way and a good thing for people to identify with (Cline, n.d). However, this sort of beliefs seen as an inadequacy interpretation of human being in approaching human sexuality as they fail to acknowledge others as a unique being. Gay or lesbian people should integrate into the community as the other being that worthy to get a place within the society.
One of the strongest argument comes from religious organizations, which believed that a homosexual relationship is a form of sinful behavior. The conservative Christians and Muslim keep claiming that God has repeatedly condemned homosexuals even liberal Christians and Muslim would disagree with this stance. The defense for their position might be homosexuality perceived by them, as a kind of ‘sin’ because it violates God’s will (Boswell, 2005). The basis for this perception is the Bible or the Quran, as it holds that homosexuality is wrong, they too hold that view.
Another significant stance is from heteronormative society. This…

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