Does Life Satisfaction Equal Happiness

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Does Life Satisfaction Equal Happiness?

People occasionally think back and reflect on how their childhood went. As children they don’t think of money as bringing joy to their lives. They don’t worry about what causes someone to be happy. The only things that matter are how they are feeling, how much they feel loved, and how delighted they are. As someone grows older, they may assume that the more money they have, the better off they may be and the happier that their lives could be. In Haybron’s article, he suggests that “Happiness embodies your judgement about your life and what matters for your happiness is something for you to decide” (131). This statement is in very close relationship to what Diener and Biswas-Diener suggested when they
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It is their point of view that matters when it comes to how they are satisfied that creates joyfulness in one’s life. Happiness comes in many forms for different people. Someone may find joy in just looking at the flowers in their garden or the sunshine in the horizon. Others find happiness in family relationships, a successful job, a nice home, the perfect partner, or even in weight loss (Diener and Biswas-Diener 162). Furthermore, happiness and satisfaction coincide with one another because we must take a lot into consideration when it comes to feelings, emotional status, and even attitude. If someone is in pain and suffering, they are not likely going to say that they are joyful or satisfied. However, if someone is cheerful, laughs frequently, enjoys the little things, serene, spirited, and full of life, then their emotions will be positive ones. Haybron suggests that “to be happy is to inhibit a favorable emotional state, and that we are fundamentally emotional beings” …show more content…
Happiness takes a whole array of feelings and emotions. It cannot be defined by just one thing. Satisfaction just like happiness is mainly about one’s perspective on how their life is going. If money becomes the primary focus in life, this in turn will make people unhappy. We must always take into account as to what creates the splendor of happiness and satisfaction. We cannot miss the fact that happiness is actually born from the inside

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