Analysis Of Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird ' Essay examples

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“Delay in justice is injustice.” Injustice is a situation in which there is no fairness and justice. Injustice can be seen throughout the text, To Kill a Mockingbird and In the Name of the Father. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee tells us a story in which a black man was accused of doing something that he didn’t do. Injustice is a huge concept in this film; it is basically the prejudices and racism that is going on. In the Name of the Father also explores injustice. In the Name of the Father by Jim Sheridan tells the story of the Guildford four from the point of view of Gerry Conlon. It takes place in 1974 during an I.R.A. terrorist campaign. At his father 's request, Gerry leaves Ireland for London. There, Gerry and his friend Paul Hill, and two other friends, are falsely accused for a bombing that occurred in a pub in Guildford, England. Injustice is shown in both films through the themes; prejudice, social inequalities and good versus bad.

Prejudice is shown in To Kill a Mockingbird and In the Name of the Father. Prejudice is a preconception of a person based on stereotypes without real facts. In To Kill a Mockingbird, prejudice is displayed by the act of hate and misunderstanding because of someone’s colour. This story depicts a dysfunctional American society permeated by prejudice that results in an extensive segregation between racial and social means. Harper Lee makes this theme perceptible. However, became clearer with the case of Tom Robinson. Chopping down…

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