Analysis Of ' Hansberry 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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This play is all about race and how in life it is probably one of the hardest thing that you will be able to escape . Weather you are white or black because if you are white then you will always be a racist well a lot of white people are in people of color eyes . If you are a person of color you will never be able to escape it even in your own community especially if you are mixed, because if you are mixed then to a lot of people of color you are white. Hansberry uses race in a very well in raw way there are a lot of point in the story where lorraine Hansberry uses assimilation to help show ones of the ways you could help escape racism but at the end she shows more negative than positive. Hansberry shows assimilation when she brings in Beneatha when she bring this charter in she talks about how she wants to become a doctor. Beneatha is the character that loves to pick up hobbies, and change them all the time even though they do not that that much money to just be spending on thing that she wants to do but a lot of white families do she changes things up she does think that back then in that time period only white people would do. They just were not realistic for people of color to be doing but Being That really just care just as only men where doctors back then and a woman was a nurs. when Hansberry uses assimilation she show it in ways back then mostly white people did when Beneatha says “to be a doctor” (page 36) that quote has so much meaning to it when some…

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