Analysis Of ' Hamlet ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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Existentialism emphasizes the individuals existence. The individual needs to define their own meaning of life through their actions, words and decisions. Individuals are entitled with freedom, but what they do has to be their own responsibility. The characters in Hamlet must isolate themselves in order to find their true individuality. They are constantly on the search in isolation to find reasons to why they exist. William Shakespeare demonstrates that the characters in Hamlet must work out their problems in isolation; given the opportunity, which will then lead them to their goals. The characters will then find their true existence by being isolated from many of the characters in Hamlet. Since the characters in Hamlet must find their true existence in isolation, their ultimate fate is the result of only their own actions and not the effects of other actions on them. This can be easily seen by looking at the motivation and actions of Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius.

Hamlet isolates himself from many of the characters in the play. This allows him to further on his plan to find out if Claudius killed his father. During Hamlets search, he finds himself in a dispute between taking action or not. Throughout the play, Hamlet maintains his complication and takes precaution to the other characters from showing himself as a single, predictable character. Hamlet struggles to find his true existence. Hamlets existence is that he is both bad and good, but he strives to explore through…

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