Analysis Of ' Hamlet ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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1. Why do you take from this quote where Hamlet says “To be or not to be –that is the question:/ Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer/ The slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes,/Or to take arms against a sea of troubles/ And, by opposing, end them.”(3.1.64-68).
Here in this instance Hamlet is considering if life is worth living. He is weighing the options between life and death, with life being a dreadful mess that is cold in everywhere, and death being an escape from the harsh reality that comes with living.

2. What do you think Hamlet meant by saying “That if you be honest and fair,(your honesty)/should admit no disclosure to your beauty”(3.1.117-118).
Hamlet is not directly trying to bare all of this on Ophelia this is more of an indirect manner to get Ophelia to see that he isn’t exactly in love with her. It is also an opportunity that Hamlet takes to essentially tell her that all men are the same. Men aren’t as good as they are perceived to be and he is showing that he is a perfect example of it.

3. Do you believe that Claudius is making the right decision of sending Hamlet to England, and do you think his choice is for Hamlet or for himself? Reference lines (3.1.181-189). The king’s choice is the right mind both in his mind and of those who surround him but they are based on totally different things. The people surrounding Hamlet see it as good because it could potentially help him get over his insanity phase. As for the King, he is sending…

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